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Our Work

All my knife designs come from the drawings I make by hand as soon as an idea comes to my mind. Mostly my designs are focused on tactical or outdoor knives. I first start by drawing or gluing the shapes of my blade on the steel. The steels I use are O2, 1075 and Nitrocut three robust knife steels perfect for outdoor use. I do all the cuts in the steel with an angle grinder, then I move on to the belt grinder and the hand files where I shape the knife. After that, I drill holes to lighten the knife handle and to fit my paracord wrapping or rivets. Once that’s done, I grind my bevels on the belt grinder and hand sand the whole blade. I do all the heat treating process by myself, then hand sand some more to get my blade ready for acid etching. This will allow me to get my acid engravings on my blades. The next steps are sharpening the blades, work on the handles that I realize in carbon fiber, brass, G10 and paracord. I finally end with the build of the kydex sheath which is a thermoformable plastic that is used to build gun holsters. Each knife is then unique because when all handmade there can be some slight variations between one blade and another which gives all the beauty to the knife.

about Us

After years of passion and dedication for my country, my beautiful Switzerland, I decided to create my own brand of knives. Being a blade and gun enthusiast, using them daily in my professional life in the military or in the emergency services, I wanted to bring my designs to reality. Starting from a drawing on a piece of paper to realizing the final knife has become a passion for me. I always come up with new designs, new ideas to satisfy enthusiasts or professionals. From military to emergency services, bushcrafters to collectors and even chefs, I am proud to see my blades on their duty belts, plate carriers, responder kits or just to be used as an everyday carry knife. I can realize blades entirely handmade from small neck knives to huge choppers, using my signature acid engraving to give a unique touch to each piece.


easy customization

You can ask us for a special cuustomization.

Acid Engraving

Our knives are finished with our signature and acid engravings.


Tactical Knife

Handmade knives, for professional or pasionate.


Strong Fabrication

All of our knife are made with high quality steels.

Our Passion

I learned everything I know today about knives by myself. After a lot of tries, lots of fails, I slowly built confidence in what I was doing. My designs got better, my handles fit better, my edges became sharper, my bevels became smoother and my blades finally looked more badass. My goal today is to realize solid knives with my unique signature design. Thanks to all the people supporting me in what I do, I am today able to live out of my passion and help providing you the best tools possible to succeed in your daily life.

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